To provide customers with quality colour gemstone jewellery, offering the very best value, delivered by a service that always exceeds expectations.

By religiously adhering to this mission we dream of becoming the worlds leading jewellery supplier of quality coloured gemstone jewellery by 2026.


To be the most enjoyable and inspiring company to work for, achieved through openness, strong communication, empowerment, flat management structures and reward by result.


To continually invest a large percentage of our profits into community projects in areas from which we source our gemstones.


During 2011 we will be placing most of our community work in Zambia. The company has committed $120,000 to commence building a new school and a new clinic in the North of the country in an area near to the Fwaya Fwaya Emerald Belt. We will be guided through this project with the help and support of the Emerald mining company Gemfields Plc, who have already successfully implemented one scheme of this kind in the area.

The school project will start by forming a parent teachers association (PTA) and working as a team, we will decide the best location and the best format for the school. The clinic will be built following a very similar method as the Nkana Clinic which was orchestrated by Gemfields.

Throughout 2011 we will continue to also financially support the UK division of Earthwatch. We have a very close working relationship with this charity whose focus is on conducting hands on scientific research of some of the most urgent environmental challenges that we face.