5 Gemstones to Gift a Loved One This Wedding Season

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Gemstones, with their unique and thoughtful nature, are not just gifts but cherished symbols of your love and care. They are perfect favours for any special occasion, such as a birthday, graduation, or wedding, adding a touch of exclusivity to your celebrations. 

Weddings are a time to celebrate love, growth and the bond two people share. So, if you are about to celebrate your loved ones tying the knot, here are our gemstone gift recommendations. 



With its iconic red colour, Ruby needs no introduction. Known as the 'king of gemstones', Ruby is said to be a stone that emphasises love, passion and sensuality. These metaphysical attributes make it a perfect stone to express your love with for a wedding or anniversary – particularly the 40th year of marriage.


Amethyst Crystal

An Amethyst is another beautiful variety of Quartz, and it ranges in colour from a soft, pale lilac to a rich, deep purple. Amethyst has long been thought of as a stone of protection, and is said to offer tranquility and evade negative thoughts.  

It is also considered beneficial for communication, making it an ideal gift for any married couple.



The golden hue of Citrine offers an energising burst of vivacity and passion, which is perfect for keeping a wedding party alive! According to crystal enthusiasts, Citrine exudes happiness and helps people to manifest dreams. So, if you know someone embarking on a journey into marriage, this is a perfect stone to accompany them.


Rose Quartz Crystals

Rose Quartz is renowned as the stone of unconditional love – so what better stone to gift to a pair of newlyweds? It is a gemstone believed to enhance connection, and said to promote care and kindness to both you and your loved ones. Plus, its delightful lustre and delicate pink colour will look spectacular wherever it is displayed. 



Last but by no means least, we have Diamond. The slogan 'A Diamond is Forever' has been heard thousands of times, and the essence of eternity could not be more present than at a wedding.

A Diamond's sparkle resonates with love, purity and longstanding strength, so what better stone could be used to celebrate two people spending their lives together? 

Each of the gemstones above is said to channel positive energy and offer protection, but most importantly, they represent compassion, commitment, and love.  

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