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Adamite Gemstone

Possibly the rarest gemstone we have ever sold at The Genuine Gemstone Company.

First discovered in 1866, Adamite is named after French mineralogist Gilbert-Joseph Adam who first documented the mineral.

Rarely set into jewellery (although we did set a few exotic pieces about 5 years ago in 18k gold), Adamite is a real favourite amongst gem and mineral collectors as it fluoresces a bright green colour under UV light.

Crystal Healers are also very fond of Adamite and claim that the mineral helps one to properly communicate emotions, thus increasing our levels of creativity. In addition it is said to have a positive effect on the heart, lungs and throat.

However, if you own  a piece of Adamite or are one of the handful of people across the globe that have ever been fortunate enough to purchase a gem-quality piece made into jewellery, my advice is that whilst it might possess crystal healing benefits, if you touch the gemstone, you should wash your hands afterwards as you will notice from the gem facts table that the mineral has the presence of arsenic.

Adamite grows into wedge shaped crystals that are usually yellow-green in colour, but it is also found in blue or violet colours.

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