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Black Diamond Gemstone

Highly fashionable, with incredible lustre and unparalleled scintillation.

Black Diamonds are a stunning and very fashionable variety of Diamond. Although it lacks dispersion and the internal brilliance of its colourless sister, a quality Black Diamond has the ability to display an intense surface lustre, with an almost metallic shimmer.

Natural Black Diamonds are extremely hard and beautiful, and are found predominantly in Africa. As with all Diamonds, they were formed in the earth many millions of years ago and have been pushed to the Earth’s surface by volcanic eruptions.

Black Diamonds have become increasingly popular in recent years. Although not strictly black, they contain numerous dark inclusions that give this Diamond its characteristic black look. Many Black Diamonds undergo treatment to intensify the blackness of their colour. When buying Black Diamonds it’s best to always assume they have been treated, especially if they are a true jet black colour. As the only optical effect we are looking for in Black Diamonds is lustre and scintillation, a buyer’s main focus should be on the quality of its surface. For the gem to perform properly, it is imperative that it has been well cut and polished that it is free of major defects such as pits, cracks and crevices.


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Black Diamond displaying

an intense surface lustre.



Black Diamond.