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Blue Diamond Gemstone

It is said to be the second most expensive substance on earth, only surpassed by natural Red Diamonds!

Natural fancy-coloured Diamonds are amongst the most expensive and valuable of all gemstones. Coloured Diamonds, especially Blue Diamonds, are becoming increasingly popular with collectors and celebrities.

Nothing quite matches a Blue Diamond in colour: being comparable to a crossbreed of the deepest London Blue Topaz and darkest Santa Maria Aquamarine, it really does have a uniqueness all of its own.

Highly prized, natural Blue Diamonds are exceptionally rare and historically could cost up to 20 times more than White Diamonds of the same clarity and carat weight. Today to obtain their vibrant blue colour, most Blue Diamonds on the market are heat treated and/or irradiated. That said, they still often demand a higher price than a colourless Diamond of an equivalent grade.

Most Blue Diamonds will have a slight greyish mask affecting their colour saturation and those with a tone of around 80 to 85% seem to appear the most beautiful, as they are open enough to still demonstrate brilliance and dispersion. Without doubt the most famous Blue Diamond of all time is the 45.2ct Hope Diamond.

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A striking Blue and Black 1ct Diamond Ring.