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Blue Moonstone Quartz Gemstone

Unique, intriguing and so far only found in one deposit.

One of the most intriguing discoveries in Brazil over the past 10 years is the small deposit of Blue Moonstone Quartz in one of the oldest gemstone mines in South Brazil. Some 30 feet underground in a small area known as “The Urugaena”, a thin seam of slightly grey Quartz was discovered. ‘At first it didn’t look that exciting underground’, says the mine owner; ‘However when it was brought to the surface it had the appearance like that of a cross between Moonstone and Blue Fire Opal, it’s truly a real treasure and a heavenly gemstone.’

My good friends who facet this gemstone for me tell me that to get the very best out of the gemstone and to maximise its mystical Moonstone-like glow, you have to be very patient when studying the rough, being sure to view it from every single angle before making the first cut. Get it right and the gemstone is truly beautiful, get it wrong and it just doesn’t have the same gorgeous, almost magical appearance. Blue Moonstone Quartz has so far only been discovered in Brazil and locals believe that the gemstone instils and nurtures love. This is a must have gemstone for all collectors.



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