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Danburite Gemstone

A gem whose clarity and brilliance reigns supreme.

First discovered in Danbury, south-eastern Connecticut, USA in 1839, Danburite is normally white or clear; however, some small deposits have also heralded grey, yellow, pink and even brown Danburite. This precious gemstone is ideal for setting in jewellery, and although the extreme clarity of the colourless variety is highly sought after, it is also very sublime when found in light pink.

When colourless, on visual inspection this gemstone can easily be mistaken for a Diamond, due to its high refractive index. Its crystal structure is very similar to Topaz, and when found in its rough state generally appears prismatic with a diamond-shaped cross section. As the gem is a relatively recent discovery, there is yet little folklore or legend surrounding it. That said, crystal healers believe that the gem has strong emotional healing capabilities, and can aid enlightenment.

Danburite occurs mostly in metamorphic limestone and in addition to Danbury, Connecticut, the gem has also been found in Japan, Burma, Switzerland, Madagascar, and Cornwall in England. The finding of these new deposits is great news for Danburite fanatics, including myself, as the original mines in Danbury are now covered by town houses!


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Raw Danburite.

Incredibly rare Chocolate Danburite