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Eureka Diamond

Coming from the Greek meaning “I have found it”.

The Eureka Diamond was one of the first historical Diamonds to be found in South Africa.
The gem’s story begins with a teenage boy who found a pebble in 1866 near the Orange River. A couple of months later a neighbour offered to buy it, but his mother didn’t want to be paid for it so she simply gave the stone away. The stone was later cut and weighed 21 carats!! Obviously, the mother did not realise the potential value of this brilliant stone!

It was eventually sold for £1500 to Sir Philip Wodehouse, and was shown in the Paris Exposition in 1886.  Soon afterwards it was cut into a brilliant oval, which then weighed 10.73 carats. The stone then disappeared and didn’t resurface until 1966 when De Beers consolidated mines bought it.

It is difficult to believe that such a precious stone has been passed through so many hands! On its 100th birthday in 1967 the Eureka was taken to Cape Town’s parliament where it is still on display. Why all the fuss for a Diamond that weighs 10ct? Well, it is believed that the Eureka Diamond was in fact the very first Diamond to be discovered in South Africa, and that makes it truly special.

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