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Malaia Garnet Gemstone

One of the rarest of all Garnets, Malaia Garnet is  normally  pale  orange  to  pinkish  orange  in  colour. The gem was given its separate name in 1979 when it was identified as a blend between Pyrope and Spessartite Garnet. Prior to this, the  gem was thought to be a slightly off-shade of  Rhodolite Garnet. Once its different composition had been identified, it was given its name from  the Swahili word meaning “outcast”.

When  you  study  this  gem  it  almost  looks  dichroic  (two  different  colours  are  seen  from  different angles). However, this cannot be the  case as the Garnet family does not feature this  characteristic; it is actually due to the fact that  it reacts to different light sources (wavelengths)  in different ways. This beautiful gem has only  currently been discovered in the Umba Valley,  which borders Tanzania and Kenya.

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