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Medusa Quartz Gemstone

Have you ever seen the HSBC billboard at  an airport where they show a picture of an item or an experience and describe how two different people could view the image. One reads “pleasure  or  pain”  while  another  says “enjoyment  or chore”. Then we have the Marmite advert “love it or hate it”.  Well Medusa Quartz is a gemstone  that could easily be advertised in the same way.

It has the appearance of moss like patches within  the stone intermingled with turquoise coloured, irregular  spot-like  inclusions  caused  by  the presence of Gilalite. To make matters worse it is often very cloudy and banded. However, it is very rare (some would say that this is a blessing).

For those that love the gem, they will point out  to you that it has been mined in the same region  in  Brazil  where  Paraiba  Tourmaline  was  first  discovered  and  they  will  therefore  argue  that  it should be known as Paraiba Quartz. Others  that hate it will tell you how sorry they feel for  the miners in the region who have searched for  years for another Paraiba-like discovery only to  unearth Medusa Quartz. So if it’s not a pretty  mineral, how is it classed as a gemstone I hear  you ask. Well, like the Marmite advert says “you  either love it or hate it”.

First discovered in August 2004, under a loupe you can often find inclusions that look similar to  shape  to  a  certain  jellyfish  known  as  the  “Medusas Rondeau”.

I confess  to  having  several  pieces  in  my  personal collection, more for intrigue than for  its appearance and as we speak we have several  pieces available in stock at GemCollector.com.  At present we don’t intend to set it in our beautiful  jewellery designs, but as always will wait to see  what feedback we get from customers.

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