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Merelani Mint Garnet Gemstone

Now  if  you  were  getting  confused  remembering  the  difference  between  Mali, Malaia  and  Malaya  Garnet,  we  thought  we would add just one more: introducing the very  rare  and  highly  sought  after  Merelani  Mint Garnet. The gem is a Grossular Garnet and is very similar to the famous Tsavorite Garnet, but a far lighter shade of green.

It received its name from the area where it was discovered  in  Tanzania  (well,  apart  from  the “Mint” part which, for once, simply describes its colour). The gem is mined in the exact same location  as Tanzanite  and,  although  its  colour differs, it is equally as beautiful with gorgeous  lustre  and  incredible  brilliance;  in  terms  of  availability, it is infinitely rarer than its popular  housemate Tanzanite!  The gem is also known as  Mint Garnet or Mint Grossular Garnet.

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