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Mozambique Garnet Gemstone

Mozambique Garnet has colour that is warm, deep red, and similar to that of Ruby. Compared to Rhodolite Garnet, it is more of a pure red and its tone is slightly darker. Mozambique Garnet can vary from wonderfully transparent clarity to translucent.

Indeed, what an interesting place the gem world  is! Mozambique Garnet does not have to come  from  Mozambique,  and  Paraiba  Tourmaline  found in Mozambique is named after the small  mining area in Brazil where this new type of  Tourmaline  was  first  discovered.  The  reality  is that gems often get their original name from  where they were first discovered, then when the  same gem is found in other locations around the  world, as long as they meet certain criteria (in  the  case  of Paraiba Tourmaline the  gem  must  contain  copper)  it  is  accepted  that  they  take  on the original name. Just to add to the many  complications  in  the  gem  world,  however,  is  the case of Ceylon Sapphire: this name refers to  more than just its colour and it is incorrect if a  jeweller uses the name Ceylon Sapphire unless it  originates from Sri Lanka. 

Giving someone a piece of jewellery featuring  Mozambique  Garnet  is  believed  to  be  the  ultimate  declaration  of  love.    This  gem  can  be found in Thailand, Tanzania and of course  Mozambique.

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