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Prehnite Gemstone

Prehnite   is an attractive, transparent stone,  usually greenish in colour although sometimes found  in  yellow,  grey  or  whitish  tones.  It creates attractive jewellery and can be faceted  or  cabochon  cut  and  is  occasionally  found  to display chatoyancy.

The  gem  often  falls  between  transparent  and  translucent and its appearance often reminds me of Moonstone.  Its surface can often have a good lustre and it looks beautiful when cabochon cut and set into gold rings and pendants.

Crystal collectors believe that Prehnite enhances dreaming and improves memory; it is also said to focus inner knowledge to prepare for situations.  The stone is sometimes used to make predictions  and allegedly the most accurate predictions are  those made for one’s personal, spiritual growth. 

It  was  first  discovered  in  South Africa  by  an  early Dutch governor of the Cape of Good Hope  Colony  called  Colonel  Hendrik  Von  Prehn,  and  in  keeping  with  traditional  gem  naming  convention, it was named after him.

Since  its  discovery  in  South  Africa  it  has  been  found  in  Germany, Austria,  Switzerland,  Scotland,  Namibia,  Canada,  China,  Australia,  France, the USA, India and even Antarctica.

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