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Red Gems and Associations

Viewing  the  warm  colour  red  is  said  to  increase the pulse and respiration. The colour  is associated with love, desire and passion. It is  said to represent masculinity if worn by a male,  as  well  as  demonstrating  command,  nobility  and lordship. When worn by a female it has an  alluring  and  seductive  nature,  and  historically  was said to show pride and obstinacy. Associated  with the planet Mars and Tuesdays, in antiquity  the  colour  was  used  to  cover  those  who  had  bravely  died  in  battle.  It  was  often  worn  in  battle to strike fear directly into the hearts of the  opposing army.

For  those  wanting  a  red  gemstone,  there  is  surprisingly  little  choice.  The  best  known  and historically most sought after is the Ruby.  Although  it  is  often  the  most  expensive  of  red  gemstones,  Rubies  are  normally  heavily    included.  If  you  are  after  a  very  transparent  red  gemstone  then  there  are  currently  some beautifully clear Spinels on the market.

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Red Spinel is probably one of the best transparent red gemstones to purchase.