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Rhodochrosite Gemstone

Rhodochrosite  is  for  the  heart:  it  is  believed  to  cultivate  love  and  compassion,  and considered to promote intuition and aid in creative  pursuits. This crystal is typically rose red in colour, but can also be found in beautiful shades of pink to pale brown. The gem’s name is derived from  combining the Greek words for rose “rhodon’’ and “chroma” meaning colour.

As  the  gem  is  relatively  soft  and  has  perfect cleavage, it is very difficult to cut and is rarely found  faceted. That  said,  Lapidarists  who  have of  taken  the  time  to  study  this  gemstone  are  able to create cabochon cuts and the result is a truly sumptuous, pinkish red treasure that is ideal for  gem collectors or for setting into pendants.

In 2002, Colorado officially named Rhodochrosite  as its state mineral; although found worldwide,  some of the best specimens ever were found at the  Sweet Home mine near Alma, Colorado.

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