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Rubellite Tourmaline Gemstone

When Tourmaline  appears  to  look  like  a Ruby  it  is  renamed  Rubellite.  However,  just like the debate about when a dark Pink Sapphire  becomes a Ruby, Tourmaline is only renamed Rubellite if its deep red colours are seen in both daylight and artificial light. If its hues are not  profound  under  both  lighting  conditions,  it  is renamed Pink Tourmaline.

Rubellite’s name is derived from the Latin word “rubellus” which literally translates to “coming  from red”.

Inclusions in Rubellite are fairly common, as the chemical structures responsible for its wonderful colour also create “jardin” (the French word for  garden, used to describe Mother Nature’s  inclusions).

The gem is a real treasure. It is far rarer than  its closest rival Ruby and many people find it  infinitely  more  attractive.  However,  as  often  happens in the gem world, it does not command  such  a  high  price  as  its  competitor,  due  to  it  being less well-known.


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