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Spice Topaz Gemstone

Spice Topaz  uses  a  revolutionary  patented technique to add spectacular colours to genuine Topaz.  With  12  colours  to  choose  from  and  with  a  continual research  program  to  develop  more, Spice Topaz offers a range of coloured gemstones unlike any seen before. Choose from  Summer Blue, Aqua, Liberty Blue, True Blue, Neon  Paraiba,  Padparadscha  Sunset,  Pristine, Deep Sage, Fern Green, Diva Green, Peru and Dusky Black.

Using  exactly  the  same  colouring  agents  that Mother Nature uses to add colour to allochromatic   Composition gems,  Spice  Topaz  uses  its  revolutionary  and  entirely  safe  process  to  penetrate  colour  deep  inside the gem. Since the importing of Topaz  with radiation treatment was banned in the USA,  some American jewellers now only offer Spice  Topaz (alongside very rare untreated pieces) and  the owner of one store recently told me that the  only difficulty consumers now face is which of  the 12 brilliant colours to choose. 

The technical stuff: why did two scientists spend  years  developing  and  patenting  Spice  Topaz?  Well to understand this you need to understand  the limitations of other techniques used to add colour to Topaz. Mystic coating can be damaged  if not properly looked after. Radiation treatment  of Topaz has had a rocky road in the USA over  its  potential  health  hazards.  Regular  diffusion  does not penetrate deep into the gem and can  therefore be negatively affected by small chips and scratches, plus it is not very effective when  used with Topaz.  However Spice Topaz diffuses  colour  deep  into  the  gemstone  and  is  100%  stable and totally permanent.

Exclusively  available  in  the  UK  through Coloured Rocks. USA: Patent number: 6872422 428

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