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Spodumene Gemstone

What an  unfortunate  name  for  a  gemstone  family  that  heralds  such  beautiful  gems  as  Kunzite and Hiddenite Its name is derived from  “spondumenos”  which  is  Greek  for  “burnt  to  ashes”  and  came  about  due  to  the  similarity  that some Spodumene specimens have with the  greyish appearance of ash.  All members of the  Spodumene family are highly plechroic.

Even though Spodumene is rarely set in jewellery  itself,  its  three  descendants  Kunzite,  Green  Hiddenite  and  (the  more  recently  discovered)  transparent yellow Triphane are amongst some  of the most desirable gems on the planet. This last gem, Triphane, should not be confused with the sleeping agent tripophane, which is found in  its most concentrated form in turkeys - hence the  real reason you fall asleep after Xmas dinner.


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