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Unakite Gemstone

Due  to  its  stunning  blend  of  ‘moss’  green, unusual pink and earthy orange, Unakite boasts a unique and striking mixture of colour, pattern  and  ‘mottled’  appearance.  Its  unusual  colour scheme, unique appearance and solid structure all combine to make it a good stone for distinctive  jewellery.

As  with  all  gems  and  minerals,  there  are  numerous  beliefs  regarding  the  spiritual  and  healing  qualities  of  Unakite.  Most  of  all  it  is believed to bring unity and balance to all areas of  the  owner’s  life.  It  is  also  thought  to  help release  elements  in  one’s  life  that  inhibit  and  stunt emotional growth. Some also believe that it stimulates self-awareness, and allows the owner to be aware of causes and symptoms of illness, which goes deeper than just the physical.

At  this  point  we  must  stress  that  healing  properties are mainly mythical; although Crystal Healers suggest using the gemstone to ensure a  safe pregnancy and birth, we would recommend  seeing a consultant! 

Unakite  is  also  called  ‘Epidotized  Granite’  or  ‘Grandodiorite’; and is  usually made  up  by a  combination  of  three  minerals:  Pink  Feldspar,  Green Epidote and Quartz. But not all Unakite  contain Quartz; specimens that don’t are called  ‘Episodite’. 

Although the first find was in America, sources  tell us that rare examples have also been found  in Brazil, China, Sierra Leone, South Africa and  Switzerland.

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A Unakite ring from the Naturally Yours collection