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Yellow Gems And Associations

Yellow is  the  colour  of  happiness  and  cheerfulness. It is also a colour associated with  making changes. It is a great colour for people  always on the go and living life to the full. 

In antiquity, when a lady wore yellow it indicated  that she was a generous person and when worn  by  a  man  it  was  said  to  denote  secrecy.  The  colour  has  also  been  associated  with  the  sun,  which then led to an association with Sunday.  Likewise, historically it had an association with  a lion and later the zodiac sign of Leo. George  Kunz’s  book  “The  Curious  Lore  of  Precious  Stones” states that “of the seven ages of man,  yellow typified adolescence”.

Citrine, one of November’s official birthstones,  is one of the most vivid of all yellow gems. Its  name is derived from the French word for lemon  and it can be found in shades from sunflower  yellow to orangish yellow. Another well-known  yellow  gemstone  is  Amber;  although  this  is  usually more of an orangish yellow, occasionally  it can be a vivid yellow.

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Citrine is possibly one of the most warming, cheerful yellow gemstones!