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Zincite Gemstone

Similar to Sphalerite in appearance, Zincite  is a stunning bright orange gemstone that has a  real  fiery  character.  It can also be found in Yellow, Red and Brown. Gem-quality  material  is  incredibly  rare  and  to-date  has  only  been discovered in New Jersey, America. The Sterling Hill  and  Franklin  Mines  which  produce  the  rough  minerals  are  also  famous  for  yielding other gem minerals such as Hemimophite and Willemite.

Very  few  transparent  pieces  have  ever  been discovered and very, very few are over one carat in  weight. Also,  as  the  gem  is  high  in  metal  content  (Zinc)  it  is  very  dense,  meaning  that even a one carat piece looks smaller than many other gemstones of an equivalent weight.

The  gem  is  also  relatively  soft  and  when  acquired it is best set in pendants and earrings. Its incredible rarity makes it highly sought by  serious gem collectors.  Buyer beware: as this is  a very expensive gemstone, if you see it being  sold cheaply it is most likely synthetic Zincite  which  is  easily  replicated  in  a  laboratory,  of  which unfortunately there is a lot on the market.

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An incredibly rare Brown Zincite ring