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American Influences

Firstly let’s start by saying that Americans spell the word used to describe items worn for personal adornment differently. What is known as jewellery in England is spelt “jewelry” in the USA.

Prior to the First World War, clothing and jewellery trends in the UK were created on home soil, with only a little influence from European neighbours. However, by the 1940s American culture was very dominant in Europe.

The influence of Hollywood movies and the prominence of film stars set the fashion in jewellery, make-up, hair and clothes. It was widely believed that Hollywood glamour would rub off on you if you had similar clothes and jewellery, so many in Europe wanted look-a-like copies of outfits and jewellery worn by their screen idols.

World War II in Europe halted production of fine jewellery when metals were rationed. Fine precious metal and gem jewellery was simply not available. Quality costume jewellery, which was flourishing in America, became much more acceptable in Europe. Today however, most jewellery fashion trends often start in Europe. Italy, France, Switzerland and the UK seem to have a greater influence on designs around the globe than those starting in the USA. Probably one of the biggest trends to originate in the USA in more recent times is the rebirth of the Celtic twisted cable, as used in David Yurman designs.

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Citrine is hugely popular in America.