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Asscher, Joseph And Abraham

The Asscher brothers were famous Diamond  cutters in Holland; they were the founders of the  Royal Asscher Diamond Company in 1854. The  brothers were both entrusted to cut the famous  Cullinan Diamond by King Edward VII in 1907.

It is reported that the Asscher brothers studied  the Diamond for three months before any work  was  carried  out.  Eventually  Joseph  Asscher,  who was under extreme pressure due to being  tasked  with  shaping  the  biggest  Diamond  in  the world, took his cleaving knife and hammer  to  the  rough  Diamond:  to  his  horror  his  first  strike completely broke the cleaving knife, but  luckily the Diamond remained undamaged! At  the second attempt, the Diamond split perfectly;  however, due to the immense pressure he was  under, Joseph is alleged to have fainted.

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