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Currently the only known location of a multi coloured transparent appearance created entirely by nature, with a level of brilliance and beauty that will often leave you speechless.

Currently the only consistent source of Ametrine in the world is found at the Anahi Mine located in the province of Santa Cruz in Eastern Bolivia. Just like the mines in neighbouring Brazil, Bolivia also provides naturally occurring Citrine and dark, vivid Amethyst.

Ametrine, which is half Citrine and half Amethyst, first appeared set in jewellery in the 1970s. But soon after its discovery, some gem experts claimed that the gem’s unusual bi-colour effect was artificially created in laboratories and as a result, the gem lost popularity. Once it was proven that this was not the case and the bi-colour was in fact due to a natural phenomenon occurring only in this one region of the world, demand for this unusual gem started to increase.

As the gem is primarily mined in just one location, from time to time the owners of the Anahi mine seem to deliberately cut back on excavation so as to ensure there is less supply for the gem than there is demand. If you think that’s a bit naughty, it’s nothing in comparison to what has happened with Diamonds over the years!

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Ametrine from Bolivia.



Fantastic Bolivian Ametrine gemstone.