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De Beers

He is responsible for the unbelievable popularity of Diamonds.

In the mid 1800s, Diamonds were only found in a handful of riverbeds in India and Brazil, and the global quantity of faceted Diamonds would have fitted into a small suitcase. In 1870 a large deposit was discovered in South Africa, dwarfing previous finds. The British financial backers behind the first South African mines went on to form De Beers.

In 1947, De Beers asked a young copywriter called Frances Gerety to create a line encompassing all the physical and legendary attributions of a Diamond. About to admit defeat late in the night, she apparently scribbled the famous marketing slogan, “A Diamond is forever”, and today the company is still the largest global advertiser of the gemstone.

In addition to advertising, the company’s activities also include mining and exploration. De Beers is active in every type of industrial Diamond mining, from open-pit to deep sea. It is said that each year they are, in one sense or another, involved in the sale of around 40% of the world’s Diamonds.

De Beers also own the world’s second largest ‘D colour’ graded Diamond, known as the Millennium Star. This pear shape Diamond weighs an impressive 203.04 carats.

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It was De Beers who made Diamond

the defacto gem for engagement rings.