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Jewels of Valais

Jewellery set  with  Marcasite  gemstones  was first made popular in Victorian times. The  Jewels of Valais collection beautifully combines  stunning Swiss Marcasite with Victorian inspired  designs. All rings, necklaces and bracelets are  crafted with similar techniques to those used in  the middle 1800’s, with the careful assistance of  just a little modern technology.

Those  new  to  this  gemstone  will  be  amazed  by  its  almost  metallic  surface  lustre,  which  closely  resembles  that  of  a  Champagne  or  Black Diamond. However, unlike a Diamond,  most pieces in the Jewels of Valais collection  are shaped by cutting the gem into an inverted  cone or pyramid shape. This unusual approach to  cutting gemstones maximises its surface sparkle,  providing the gem with a life of its own. 

Due to the immense amount of craftsmanship  that goes into each and every piece, many take  several days to craft. Jewels of Valais timelessly  captures English designs and sets them with a  natural gem from Switzerland.

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We often combine Black Onyx with Marcasite

in our Jewels of Valais designs.


A very pretty Jewels of Valais bracelet

emitting beautiful lustre.