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In 2008 the small team of exceptional craftsmen  at Lorique made just 2,840 pieces of extremely  fine jewellery. The company’s commitment to only  setting the very finest gemstones, those deserving  the title ‘ultimate treasures’, has been reinforced  this year (2009) by limiting the maximum number  of coloured gemstone jewellery pieces that can be  created to just 2009! From two small workshops,  one in Switzerland and one in Asia, each Lorique  piece  is  created  without  concern  for  time  or  expense. For those seeking exclusivity and those  who appreciate the finest gifts from Mother Nature,  nothing quite compares to owning a Lorique piece  of jewellery.

The 2011 collection showcased some of the finest Emeralds on the planet, including a new source found in Zambia, all set in 18k gold and surrounded by Diamond.

Each  item  of  jewellery  from  the  Lorique  Ultimate  Treasures  collection  is  engraved  with its unique piece number, which records  the detail of the piece and provides complete  traceability  (the  first  piece  produced  in  January 2009 for example starts with 1/09).  Customers  who  pass  on  their  Lorique  jewellery as a gift or as an inheritance piece,  are advised to contact Lorique so that the ownership of the piece can be re-registered.


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A showcasing Colombian Emerald and Diamond eternity band Lorique set.