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Marilyn Monroe

Part of Marilyn Monroe’s charm and appeal  was  her  high  glamour.  The  platinum  hair,  the  beautiful  couture  dresses  and,  of  course,  the  exquisite  jewellery.  Who  else  could  sing  “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” with so much  passion and truth, but at the same time not be  in the least bit offensive? Men and women alike  loved her, and still do. She created an image that  remains  fresh  and  up-to-date  in  today’s  ever  changing fashion.

In the film ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’, Marilyn  played a young woman whose love for Diamonds and jewellery ruled her life. It was enchanting  to watch her face light up in delight as she tried  on the Diamond Tiara of one of the characters in  the film. Though that may have just been a script  and a film, in real life Marilyn loved and enjoyed  wearing  jewellery.  Iconic  pictures  of  Marilyn  include her wearing a Diamond encrusted gold  ring  and  a  Diamond  bangle.  Marilyn  loved  her Emerald star drop earrings as well as her  Diamond pendant necklaces. 

Some say that when she died, Marilyn only had a  very small private jewellery collection. This may  be due to the fact that she gave a huge amount  of jewellery to Bebe Goddard, a woman she had  met at the age of 13 while living at an orphanage,  who later became her foster sister.

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As well as Diamonds, Marilyn Monroe was synonymous with Pearls.