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Sancy Diamond

One  of  the  most  historically  fascinating  Diamonds  ever  found  has  to  be  the  Sancy  Diamond. The history of this gem started over  600 years ago, when it was reputed to have been  discovered  in  the  fabled  mines  of  Golconda,  India.

The  Sancy  Diamond  was  once  the  largest  Diamond ever discovered, but since Diamonds  were  discovered  in  South  Africa  in  the  late  1800’s, its size is no longer quite as significant.  The gem’s outline shape is comparable to a cross  between  a  shield  and  a  pear  cut  stone.  What  makes it so unusual is that its profile is the same  shape either side of the girdle.

The Sancy was believed to impart invincibility  to anyone who wore it. The Diamond has been  worn by several members of France’s royalty.  Elizabeth I pursued the Diamond for decades.  The gem has also funded many battles; after being  stolen from the Louvre it was sold to help pay for Napoleon’s war efforts. There is so much history  and fascination surrounding this Diamond that  we  would  highly  recommend  Susan  Ronald’s  book “The Sancy Blood Diamond”.

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