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Sarah Bennett Collection

The Sarah  Bennett  Collection  of  jewellery  is  focused  on  uniquely  cut,  large,  colourful  gemstones, set into modern, elaborate designs.  Firstly,  by  working  hand  in  hand  with  the  gemstone cutter, each piece is elegantly shaped  to  bring  genuine  gemstones  to  life.  From  the  uniquely developed “Spiral Cut” to the “Inverted  Brilliant  Cut”,  The  Sarah  Bennett  Collection  applies  a  very  modern  approach  to  cutting  genuine gemstones. Only after the gem has been  boldly and elegantly faceted is the supporting  jewellery designed. Here the attitude is simple,  creating  elaborate  designs  that  will  get  the  wearer noticed and, above all, avoid subtlety.

Most of the collection is crafted in Jaipur India,  where the gemstone cutting houses are regarded  as some of the finest in the world. The jewellery  supporting  each  gem  is  created  by  a  perfect  marriage of hand craftsmanship and the latest in  modern technology. This approach is evident in  the intense amount of small detail that goes into  each piece. Some Sterling Silver rings, earrings  and pendants in the collection feature 18k gold  prongs,  where  all  four  have  different  designs  carved into them. It is unusual to discover this  fusion of Sterling Silver and 18k gold in most  designers’  work,  as  accurately  executing  the  assembly of these two different precious metals  is an incredibly specialised skill.

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A Vermeil Black Onyx Sarah Bennet

cocktail ring.