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Originating  from Greek “The Beautiful”,  Tookalon  jewellery  is  made  exclusively  by  hand. Using techniques that are centuries old,  each piece is skillfully handcrafted by extremely  experienced and talented jewellers. 

From  small  silver  sheets  and  silver  wires,  all  pieces  are  crafted  without  the  aid  of  modern  technology. Each craftsman has just four main  tools: his saw, his hammer, his blow torch and  his experience. 

Tookalon’s   commitment   to   combining  classic  artisanship,  genuine  gemstones  and  individualistic  designs,  results  in  every  single  piece being unique.

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A handmade Tookalon bracelet, featuring Peanut Wood, Smokey Quartz and Tigers Eye.