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Briolette cut

The briolette cut is used for gemstones that  are hung rather than set and therefore normally  do not have a table facet. The cut is sometimes  referred  to  as  a  drop  cut  and  the  facets  are  normally triangular. 

There is no crown or pavilion with this cut and it  s primarily designed to allow the stone’s facets  to show a high amount of lustre.

Briolette cut gems are often partially drilled and  then glue is used to secure a metal pin within the  gem. This type of hanging setting is often seen in earrings and necklaces. Some beaded bracelets and necklaces also utilise the briolette cut, but in  these instances a hole is drilled through the gem  which is then strung on a wire.

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A briolette Lemon Quartz

lobster claw charm.