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A style of necklace that sits high around the neck.


In Europe, chokers tend to be 14” to 15” in length, where as necklaces are normally 16” to 20” in length. Worn by royalty and the rich and famous, chokers are often seen as an essential piece of jewellery for those attending prestigious events.
Whereas most necklaces are made out of precious metals, chokers often tend to be made out of softer materials, so that they sit more comfortably on the neck. Velvet, lace, leather and ribbons are used to support gemstones and they are normally connected to the choker with a fastening that can easily be detached.

Elizabeth Taylor often wore chokers and today many brides wear Pearl chokers on their big day. This trend of wedding chokers seems to have started not in Europe but in Hollywood, where often the choker (normally made of Pearls and silver) becomes the focal point of the entire outfit, with the dress being styled around it.
Another style of choker is the “gothic choker”, these rarely have gemstones set into them and tend to be made of dark coloured materials such as black lace or velvet rather than metals.

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A Marcasite choker from

the Jewels of Valais collection.