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A clasp is used at either end of a chain or cord to make the piece into a continuous loop. For bracelets and necklaces there are numerous different styles of clasps used in modern jewellery, and designers decide on which style to use based on the weight and the type of metal being used, while also taking into consideration the overall value of the jewellery.

Although they can at times be a little fiddly to use, lobster claw clasps are one of the most widely used locking devices in jewellery today as they are lightweight yet extremely reliable.

Clasp styles commonly used are: Barrel and Torpedo Clasps; Boxed Clasps; Hook Clasps; Magnetic Clasps; Spring Ring Clasps; T Bar Clasps; and Toggle.

If you find it difficult to use standard lobster claws or g-clasps, then magnetic clasps may provide the answer to your problems. Purchasing one of our Fast Clasps should make life a lot easier. These feature two magnets which are encased in Sterling Silver; one side is attached with a lobster clasp and the other to  a bolt ring, making it easy much to use with your existing chains.

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A Sterling Silver clasp showing both

the official hallmark and our

workshop's 925 stamp.