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Coated Gems

From Topaz to Diamonds: today to provide colour, several gemstones are coated.

A gemstone which is covered by an artificially applied transparent material or mineral to enhance its colour and appearance, is known as a coated gemstone. The technique is often used with coloured Topaz to create Mystic Topaz, and colourless Quartz is turned into Mystic Quartz using the same process.

Unlike heat treatment used on gemstones - a technique that dates back several thousand years - gemstone coating is a relatively new process. As opposed to heat-treating, no one is yet completely sure how durable coating is, therefore any coating should be declared by retailers.

Some people argue that if a genuine gem is coated after being cut, it is no more valuable than a synthetic or a fake: this is ludicrous. It’s similar to a beautiful lady who wears a permanent colourful coat to enhance her image. The lady is still a real gem who is unique and individual, but is simply dressed up.

Without this new process, we would not enjoy the mesmerising effects of Mystic Topaz, Mystic Quartz and the sensational Fuchsia Pink Topaz.

Talking of pink gemstones, you can now also find Pink Diamonds on the market that are coated.

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Two Blue Mystic Topaz rings set in a

hand made piece by Tookalon.