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Colourless gems

Danburite, Goshenite, Zircon, Sapphire and Pollucite offer gem connoisseurs a rare alternative to Diamond.

When someone mentions colourless gems to you, I bet the first image to enter your head is a Diamond! Why is this? Well it’s probably to do with the fact that over the past 60 years the Diamond has been so heavily marketed, that it has become the most popular gemstone on the planet. However, it certainly is not the rarest and with over 60 million carats cut each year, with the exception of Quartz, nearly all other colourless gems are far rarer!

One of the most stunning colourless gems has to be Zircon. Just like Diamonds, Zircon has the beautiful ability to show dispersion and the visual effects caused by its double refraction can leave you speechless. What makes Zircon even more special is that many specimens were created 4.6 billion years ago, right at the time the Earth itself was formed! Goshenite the colourless Beryl is also a very attractive clear gemstone and Danburite from Connecticut, USA, looks so much like a Diamond that in Japan it is known as the Japanese Diamond. Many colourless gems are such due to a lack of impurities (see allochromatic). In addition to transparent colourless gems, there are also several opaque white gems. These include Agate, Opal, and Pearl.

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