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Eternity Ring

When gemstones are placed into a channel set ring, they will last an eternity.

As the shank of a ring is a full circle, it symbolizes eternal love. The earliest records of an eternity ring dates back some 4000 years. Traditionally it had gemstones (normally Diamonds or a combination of Diamonds, Rubies and Sapphires) in a continuous circle around the ring. However, as the cost of this is often very high, and as it cannot be resized, most eternity rings today have gemstones set in just half of the ring, and are referred to as ‘Half Eternity Rings’.

The eternity ring is normally given as a sign of a lasting marriage and some husbands give them to their wife after the birth of their first child.

In the late 1500’s (The Elizabethan era) the “Alliance Ring” became a popular eternity ring and featured a snake design where the head of the snake chased its own tail around the entire band.

Today, most eternity rings are slim in design and feature gemstones that are channel set. The most popular gems used are Diamonds, Sapphires, and Rubies. To a lesser extent, the birthstone of the person who is receiving the eternity ring is also sometimes used.

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1ct of baguette cut Diamonds

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