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Figural Jewellery

This refers to a whole host of designs, from nature to gadgets.

Although figural jewellery dates back some 3000 years, it became incredibly popular in Victorian and Art Nouveau times. Figural jewellery is designed to look like popular figures or animals such as butterflies, birds and even snakes.

Today, the term is more widely used to describe any jewellery that is shaped into a fun design. From a car pendant to a cat charm, from a snake ring to a peacock brooch: all can be referred to as figural jewellery.

Hill tribes in Thailand and communities in Bali make a lot of figural jewellery. Also in Jaipur, India, there is one large family jeweller (large in the sense that they have about 20 members of their family who are Silversmiths) who make a wonderful collection called Jaipurium. These pieces are all incredibly intricate with wonderful, fine detail and all have moving parts. There is a dog whose head moves, a fish whose tail moves and a married couple whose arms move. The detail is incredible when you think that each piece is hand sculptured in Sterling Silver and only measure 1.5 inches high.

Many Milano Charm designs feature miniature animals, gadgets and other paraphernalia, all of which can be regarded as Figural jewellery.

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