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Flower Cut

An unusual cut which can have fantastic results.

In 1919 Marcel Tolkowsky detailed parameters for what he believed was the perfect round cut for a Diamond, and ever since lapidarists have pretty much followed his guidelines. When the largest Diamond trading company in the world, “De Beers”, wanted to introduce a new gem cut, they naturally turned to the Tolkowsky family. This time, Gabi Tolkowsky developed the “Flower Cut”.
When it comes to Diamonds, the cut is very useful for such gems that don’t have great colour or clarity, as the extra facets on the crown effectively mask some of the gem’s internal appearance.

The “Flower Cut” that Tolkowsky introduced was actually a series of different designs, all based on the same theme. In order for the cut to grow in popularity it was deliberately not patented and over the last twenty years, many people have developed their own style of the cut.

The original designs included: the 63 faceted Dahlia based on an oval cut, the 73 faceted Marigold based on an octagon cut, the 73 faceted Zinnia based on a round cut and the lesser known Fire Rose and Sunflower designs.

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A flower cut White Topaz in a modern and youthful

design from Jessica Lili.