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Heart Cut

An obvious choice for the romantics out there.

The heart cut or heart shape is often based on the round brilliant cut and its outline shape is similar to a pear cut with an additional cleft (or v-shape) cut into the rounded end.
As the globally accepted symbol of love, the heart cut is often used for red gemstones such as Ruby, Spinel, Garnet and Rubellite.

When used to shape a Diamond, the heart cut is certainly very romantic, but also enables a lot of brilliance and fire to be exhibited. Fancy cuts like the heart cut also allow the lapidarist to use the best attributes of the rough gemstone, eliminating blemishes and inclusions.

To display the cut at its best, the gem is normally held in a design with two small prongs on the shoulder and a ‘v’ shaped prong at its point. Though there are no set measurements for this gem cut, it is normal practice to have a width that is slightly narrower than its height.

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A Heart cut example.