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The igneous  host  rock  in  which  many  Diamonds,  Garnets  and  Peridots  are  found  is  known as Kimberlite. It is named after Kimberley  in  South Africa  where  in  the  late  1800’s  the  mineral was first identified shortly after an 83ct  Diamond was found within it. 

A  Kimberlite  Pipe  refers  to  an  upside-down,  carrot-shaped crack or dyke made of Kimberlite,  where magma once raced to the surface from  deep  within  the  earth’s  crust.  Whenever  a  new  Kimberlite  pipe  is  discovered,  Diamond  explorers  are  sure  to  follow.  Plus,  as  these  structures are derived from possibly 80-90 miles  from within the Earth’s crust, they provide us  with valuable information about the inner Earth,  so you might find the odd scientists alongside the  gem hunters.

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