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When you  see  a  metallic-like  shimmer  of  blues  and  greens  on  or  near  the  surface  of  a  gem, you can refer to it as labradorescence. It  is only seen in a few varieties of gems and the  word  comes  from  Labradorite;  a  gem  which  demonstrates  the  very  best  example  of  this  wonderful visual effect. 

This phenomenon is a type of iridescence caused  by repeated, microscopically thin layers at the  surface of the gemstone.  The finest pieces have  very  striking  looks,  which  skilled  Lapidarists  take care to orient to the best advantage when  faceting  the  gemstone.  Other  gemstones  where  you  will  see  labradorescence  include  other members of the Feldspar family such as  Moonstone.

Labradorescence  is  an  incredibly  captivating  visual effect, and one of the real treasures gifted from Mother Nature.

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A Labradorite pendant displaying fantastic labradorescence