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Master Model Making

When more than  one  piece  of  identical  jewellery needs to be made, the first step is to  produce  a  master  model.  In  larger  companies this process would start by a jeweller studying  a designer’s sketch and then creating a master  model  of  the  drawing  in  silver.  The  replica  model would then be presented to the designer  for  approval  and  modification,  before  exact  replicas were made. This traditional method of  making  master  models  is  still  used  today  for  designs where the craftsman is encouraged to  add their own personal flair to the design. 

A more modern way of making master models is  for either the designer to make an initial drawing  and have it entered into a CAD (computer aided  design) software program, or for the designer to  create the design for the jewellery personally on  a computer. Once the design is finished, often  the master model is then created directly from  the  computer. The  best  way  of  understanding  the process is to imagine a special laser printer  which is not outputting its design on paper, but  creating a 3D plastic model of the jewellery.

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