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Oval Cut

An oval shaped gemstone, or “Oval Cut”  as it is normally referred to, can display a  brilliance that is similar to that of a round  brilliant cut. The standard number of facets  on an oval cut gemstone is 56; however, they  can often have a varying number of facets on  the pavilion. 

The modern oval cut was invented by Lazare  Kaplan  in  1957,  whose  famous  Diamond  cutting  company  started  trading  in  1919.  Incidentally,  Lazare  Kaplan  was  a  cousin  of Marcel Tolkowsky. However, unlike the  round  brilliant  cut  -  where  Tolkowsky  set  specific measurements for the angles of each  facet -  the oval cut is left to the discretion  and experience of the Lapidarist.

As the table facet is bigger in an oval cut,  it is often used to show off gems with good  clarity and colour; whereas round brilliant  cuts can often hide flaws, the oval cut bares  all.

Oval gems are very popular as their length  can accentuate long, slender fingers and a  well  proportion  oval  cut  will  have  a  ratio  of approximately 1.5 times the length to the  width.

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An Oval cut Tanzanite ring.