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Pendants are famous for their stylish look  and their power of defining love and romance.  A pendant can come in many shapes, sizes and  forms, but will almost always be worn alone as  a striking piece hung delicately on a chain or a  lace. In addition to wearing them just for their  sheer beauty, pendants are sometimes worn for  reasons  of  healing, protection,  self-affirmation  (i.e. a name or initials) or even to proudly show  off an award. 

A pendant differs from a necklace, as it allows  more movement and flexibility and, as it is not  fixed to a chain, has the ability to change and  create new looks. If one wears a large Pink Topaz  suspended from a tiny trace chain for a formal  event,  it  can  easily  look  very  different  when  hung from a thick black lace and matched with  a pair of jeans!

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This Swiss Blue Topaz pendant will really get heads turning!