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Pique Diamond

A term  used  to  describe  cloudy  Diamonds  that are full of inclusions - normally visible to  the  naked  eye.  Pique  Diamonds  (sometimes  abbreviated to PK) are often used by jewellers  as accent stones.  

The  CIBJO  (Confédération  Internationale  de  la Bijouterie, Joaillerie et Orfèvrerie) - or in  English often referred to as the World Jewellery  Confederation -  actually use PK1, PK2 and  PK3 to replace the GIA ratings of I1, I2 and  I3. However, many people see them as a lower  rating and a continuation of the GIA scale.

The pique measurement actually predates the  GIA and can be found in many old writings.  PK1  is  said  to  clearly  show  inclusion  under  10x magnification (a standard gem loupe). PK2  is used to describe Diamonds with inclusions  visible  to  the  naked  eye,  and  a  Diamond  described  as  PK3  has  many  large  inclusions  that noticeably diminish the gem’s brilliance.

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