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Ring Sizes

Just as it is important to wear the right dress  size or shoe size, it is also important to select the  right ring size. Just like the dress size you will  need changes as you lose or put on weight, so  too does a ring. 

In fact, just a weight change of three or four  pounds, or a big change in weather conditions,  can make the size of your ring vary by a whole  size!  Why  is  this  so?  Well  the  difference  between a size J and a K, or an L and an M, or an  N and an O, is less than half of one millimetre in  diameter! That’s a tiny amount. 

Around the globe there are five or six different  standards  in  ring  sizes.  Whilst  the  British  system, known as the WheatSheaf and also used  in Australia and Ireland, uses letters, in the USA  and Canada they use a numbering system. 

At Coloured Rocks in order to standardise our  sizing internationally, we changed our strategy in May 2009. We opted to standardise on the American sizing as it is easier to understand  for both the consumer and our manufacturing  partners.  In  fact  almost  all  jewellery manufacturers  around  the  world  who  produce  rings  from  rubber  or  cast  moulds  only have these moulds made in USA sizes.

I once asked the Managing Director of one of  the world’s largest jewellery factories what  they did if a UK retailer asked for an English  size, he told me that it was common practice  to ship the nearest US equivalent. After all,  with the British standard only being less than  half  of  one  millimetre  difference  between  sizes, it didn’t make sense for them to stock  eight different sizes in each ring. 

After a huge research campaign carried out  over a period of six months, we discovered  that  73%  of  people  surveyed  said  their existing  rings  were  either  too  tight  or  too  loose! Therefore by adopting the American  standard, we were able to address many of  these issues and to ensure the sizes that we  ship are exactly as described.

All of the rings we sell at Coloured Rocks  can be resized up or down by at least one  American size or two UK letter sizes.

If  a  ring  does  not  have  gems  set  on  the  shoulder  and  as  long  as  the  gems  are  not  channel  set,  then  they  normally  can  be  resized considerably more. If you are unsure of your ring size, then there is no need to  worry.  Simply  order  the  ring  which  you  think is going to best fit and it can always be  returned for a replacement or resized later.

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