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Scintillator Brilliant cut

In a world  where  everything  is  done  in  a  rush, where time is money, where value seems  to dominate  over  quality,  you  will  be pleased  to  know  that  there  are  still  a  few  Lapidarists  around that view their craft more as a hobby and challenge, than a financially rewarding job. Just  like  great  painters,  those  who  view  Lapidary  as an art, have the wonderful ability to create  masterpieces that are truly spectacular.

Take  the  classic  brilliant  round  cut,  it  has  become our staple diet in the gem world ever  since Tolkowsky developed it in 1919. But when  time and profit is put to one side for a moment,  then imagine what happens when a gem cutter  enlarges the table facet and adds around 80 small triangular and kite shaped facets to the crown?  Then by turning the gem over, makes time to  patiently do the same to the pavilion. The result  is a gemstone that offers incredible scintillation  (the effect seen when you slowly rock a gem  backwards and forwards and the entire facet on  a crown flashes on and off like a lighthouse) and  yet still retains its internal brilliance. 

This  cut  is  only  suitable  for  gems  with  great  clarity,  as  its  larger  table  facet  hides  nothing;  it’s also a great cut to use if you want to show  off strong vivid colours within a gem. Due to  the complex arrangement of facets, don’t expect to see it on gems weighing less than two carats  and do expect to pay a little more than a standard  round brilliant cut gem.

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