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Square Cut

The most  famous  of  all  square  cuts  and  extremely popular when applied to a Diamond is  the princess cut. This cut typically has 76 facets  and is based on the same principles as the round  brilliant cut. 

When a Diamond is square cut, it can offer real  value for money, as less of the gem is lost while  being shaped. When a square cut is not based on  the brilliant cut (its facets are not triangular or  kite shaped), it is then quite simply referred to as  a “Square Cut”. These standard square cuts have facets  running  parallel  to  the  girdle  and  their number normally varies from 13 to 25. Square cuts are becoming increasingly popular  for coloured gems such as Topaz and Smokey  Quartz. With a large table facet, this cut is ideal  for showing off gems that have great colour and  clarity as the eye tends to be drawn into the gem.

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A square cut Swiss Blue Topaz