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Step Cut

It’s best to imagine brilliant cuts and step cuts  as two different families, in which most styles of  cuts fall into. Whereas brilliant cuts tend to have  triangular and kite-shaped facets, step cuts tend  to have rectangular facets. The emerald cut, for  example, falls into the step cut family.

Step  cuts  have  facets  that  run  parallel  to  the  table, tend to have two or more steps cut onto the  crown angling towards the table, and normally  have  more  steps  faceted  below  the  girdle  on  the pavilion. With a larger gem, more steps will  often be used. If you are unsure of what type of  cut you are looking at, if the table facet looks square,  rectangular,  hexagonal  or  octagonal,  then the chances are that it is a step cut gem

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A pair of step cut Ametrine earrings.